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Lembeh Resort
North Sulawesi, Indonesia

     Lembeh Strait is our favorite macro destination and we recently returned there for the first time in several years. On our last visit, we stayed at Lembeh Resort, an upscale dive resort where you can do beach diving and up to 4 boat dives a day  to photograph your favorite weird critters. 

    Lembeh Resort is a lovely group of cottages set along the side of a hill on Lembeh Island and overlooking the Serena islands and Mt. Klabat volcano. It is peaceful, beautifully landscaped, and a comfortably laid-back atmosphere. The restaurant/bar overlooks the pool and the Strait. The dive shop is well-equipped and provides easy access to the boats and house reef (complete with mating mandarinfish). The camera room is safe,  spacious, and well-lit. There is also a spa so you can really pamper yourself after a hard day's diving.  

     Lembeh Strait is home to some of the world’s most elusive and unusual marine animals—ornate ghost pipefishes, seahorses, pygmy seahorses, frogfishes, mimic octopus, Wunderpus, harlequin shrimp, Banggai Cardinalfish, sea moths, flamboyant cuttlefish  and a rainbow of nudibranchs. With almost 2000 dives in Lembeh Strait, we still find animals we haven’t seen before. That's what brings us back again and again. 

     Diving is good all year.  January, February and early March tend to be overcast while July, August and early September tend to be sunny and  windy. Air temperature averages 85ºF year round. Water temperature runs 76-83ºF. Visibility is variable and can be 80’ - 100’ at the northern sites and 30’ - 50’ or less at some sites in the Strait. Our personal favorite time of year is late September through mid-December. 

    The dive boats are comfortable and the staff is great at finding the old standbys as well as the new and unusual. Most dive sites are 15 minutes or less from the resort by boat .

     Contact Reef and Rainforest, 1-800-794-9767, for reservations.

     About Lembeh Resort


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