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 Kararu (Liveaboards)

      Join one of Kararu's luxury yachts for a dive cruise to spectacular and remote regions of Indonesia. The spacious cabins each have en suite facilities and there is plenty of deck space for sunning, reading, relaxing and gearing up too.  The food is delicious and the diving is terrific. Massages & yoga classes are available too.

    Kararu has several itineraries. In addition to running trips between Bali and Komodo, yachts also run between Maumere and Komodo on trips that include the island of Flores and Alor. The Maumere-Komodo route leaves Maumere on the island of Flores. The Flores north coast has come back nicely from a devastating earthquake and tidal wave about ten years ago. The reef are again lush and full of fishes.  Water temperatures in this area are generally 80°-83°F but can be as cool as 75°F. 3-5mm wetsuits are recommended.

     Komodo diving is  spectacular. Reefs are filled with eye-popping colors and scores of fishes and critters to delight you. You can expect to see lots of filter-feeding invertebrates like colorful sea apples, walls of  cup corals, tree corals and gorgonians. There are plenty of unusual nudibranchs and fishes from tiny gobies to large groupers. 

     On a recent trip there we encountered a number of manta rays and a dense bait ball surrounded by predators  like snappers, groupers, jacks and tuna with a few reef sharks thrown in. The rugged topside scenery provides a nice contrast to the lush underwater vistas and no trip is complete without a “Dragon Walk” to see the Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat.

      Currents and upwellings help to make this area special and the diving is coordinated to use them to our advantage. We will seek out the best photo opportunities on these trips while trying to avoid the strongest currents. Please keep in mind that the times surrounding the new and full moons generally have stronger currents.

      Warmer Pacific waters meet with cooler Indian Ocean waters in the Komodo area and the result is water temperatures that range from 72ºF in the south area to 84ºF in the north Komodo area. Visibility varies but, in general, we had better viz in the north (60’ - 100’) than in the cooler southern waters where it was often only 30’ and sometimes 60’. Wetsuits (3-5 mm) are highly recommended.  

    Cruises in Irian Jaya's Raja Empat Islands are perhaps the ultimate in diving Indonesia. The diving here is characterized by lush reefs and abundant fish life. The northern islands are more varied with critter and reef dives. Further south, toward Misool, the reefs are more classic coral reefs and walls. Currents bathe the area in nutrients that contribute to the density of life there. Expect to see lots of color and deserted islands that range from limestone outcrops to coral cays to mountainous jungles. Kararu's Voyager spends part of the year plying these waters. Visibility is generally very good (75'-100'+) and water temperatures range from 79º-84ºF. Wetsuits are recommended.

Boats sail from Ambon or Sorong through the Banda Sea at certain times of the year when you can dive this remote area, strewn with tropical isles like the  fabled Spice Islands, and remote Misool.  Water temperatures range from72º-83ºF. Wetsuits (3-5 mm) are highly recommended.

     Contact Reef and Rainforest 1-800-794-9767, for  reservations.

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