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St. Vincent & Bequia Images

All Images ©Larry and Denise Nielsen Tackett, All Rights Reserved

Admiralty Bay Steel Drum Band Cannons at Bequia Old Fort St. Vincent Island
Turtle Sanctuary Young Island Beach Lizard
Falls of Baleine Botanic Garden Rocky Coastline Caribbean Sunset



Fingerprint Cowry Bequia Reef Flying Gurnard Moray Eel and cleaners Barred Hamlet
Butterflyfish Bigeye on Reef Reef Scene Red Sponge on reef Gorgonian and Sun.jpg (65052 bytes)
Rock Beauty Angelfish Red Banner Blenny Juvenile Spotted Drum Pipefish Red Snapping Shrimp
Juvenile Coney Juvenile French Angelfish Lettuce Slug Decorator Crab and Sponge Goldspotted Snake Eel
Frogfish and Sponge Caribbean Bobbit Worm Queen Angelfish Azure Vase Sponge Filefish

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