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Gallery 6  

Fiji Images

All Images ©Larry and Denise Nielsen Tackett, All Rights Reserved

Naia Saloon Dive Deck on Naia

Naia Dive Launch

Naia Inside Naia
Fijian Family Village children Kava Bowl Village Kava Party
Village women and guests Village Show Villagers waving goodbye



Basslets and Gorgonians Arrowhead Soapfish Bryozoan, Sea Squirts, Sponge Sailfin Tang Black Leaf Slug
Blenny Hermit Crab Fiji Pygmy Seahorse Gray Reef Shark Clownfish in Anemone
Purple Basslets on Reef Irish Rover Ghost Pipefish Hawk Anthias Harlequin Filefish Giant (Malabar?) Grouper
Magnificent Fire Gobies Orange Basslet Whip Coral

Yellow Blenny

Gray Reef Sharks and Jacks Crevice with Seafan
Sea Fan Dorid Nudibranch Sea Squirts and Algae Aeolid Nudibranch Basslets and Soft Corals

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