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    When we finally made it to Fiji and dived on the beautiful Nai'a, we couldn't imagine why it took us so long to get there. The diving was terrific.

    Some of the best diving is between Viti Levu (the south island) and Vanua Levu (the north island). The waters between them have Fiji's best reefs due to good water movement that brings in the nutrients on which they thrive. Diving is along a series of reefs and islands that dot the sea between the two big islands. The marine life, especially soft corals, is prolific and colorful. We saw little damage to reefs although there is reported to be some in the area. The fish life is quite good with thousands of pink, orange, and purple anthias in the shallows. Gobies, blennies,  angelfishes, and butterflyfishes are easy to spot too. A bit harder to find, but well worth the effort are  Irish Rover Ghost Pipefish and Pygmy Seahorses. Drop-offs and deeper waters hold schooling barracuda, jacks, unicornfish, and fusiliers. On our last trip, we saw many Napoleon wrasses,  including a group of 15 females. The shark dives in Nigali Pass are excellent with lots of  gray reefs and white tips. 

You may want to plan a few days at a land-based operation for a different view of Fiji. Day trips into Nadi are busy. It's a bustling town with lots of good Indian restaurants and shops. Prices are quite reasonable. There's also Internet cafes and telecommunications and post offices available.

    There are direct flights from Los Angeles and several other gateway cities to Fiji's Nadi International Airport. The port is nearby. Fiji is just over the International Dateline so when it's 1:00 PM on Tuesday in LA it's 08:00 AM on Wednesday in Fiji  - a real difference of only 5 hours because of the dateline! Even better, there are no major tropical diseases to worry about in Fiji. The climate is tropical - daytime temperatures run in the mid-80s, cooling to the 70s at night. Water temperatures are warm in April-May and average 78-82F.

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Contact Reef and Rainforest, 1-800-794-9767, for  reservations.

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