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Reef Life

Natural History and Behaviors of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates

Chapter List:

Forward: Look Closer

Prologue: Reef Exploration

01.  Reef Origins

02.  Reef Dwellers

03.  Near-Reef Habitats

04.  Living Together

05.  Feeding Time

06.  Protection & Defense

07.  Masquerade

08.  Reproduction

Epilogue: Disappearing Reefs




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The Essential Underwater Photography Manual

A Guide to Creative Techniques and Key Equipment

Chapter List:


01.  Film or Digital?

02.  The Basics

03.  Equipment Considerations    

04.  Creative Lighting Techniques

05.  Creative Composition

06.  The World of Macro Photography

07.  The Art of Photographing Behavior

08.  The "Pizzazz" Factor

09.  Telling Stories

10.  Appendix



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