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Reef Life 

   2008    Reef Life Calendar

The Essential

Underwater Photography Manual



Reef Life

Natural History and Behaviors of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates

Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry Tackett

From the bizarre  to the beautiful, coral reef animals are perfectly adapted to their environment. Join us as we explore and explain the lives of fascinating reef animals we've encountered during almost two decades of observing and photographing underwater.

Reef Life
is lavishly illustrated and the accompanying text is clear and concise.

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224 pages, + 400 full color photographs, size 8 3/8" x 10 7/8"
Publisher:  Microcosm Ltd., Charlotte, VT

ISBN 1-890087-56-4   


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     Recently reprinted in US with new cover (left)

The Essential Underwater Photography Manual 

A Guide to Creative  Techniques & Essential Equipment


Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry Tackett



In this practical and beautifully illustrated guide, we share everything you need to know to capture the beauty of life in the sea on film or digital media. Drawing on our years of experience in the field, we use our accessible approach to present the information, fully illustrated with sample photographs, diagrams, and practical exercises. We hope to open a new world to the relative beginner and to inspire the more advanced photographers to experiment with our tried and true techniques.


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Softcover, 176 pages, +300 full color photographs, size 10" x 8"

Publisher: Rotovision SA, Switzerland

ISBN 2-88046-737-3 



We cannot compete with Amazon.com's discounted prices.


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2008 Reef Life Calendar      2008 Reef Life Calendar Back


2008 Reef Life Calendar


Photos by Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry Tackett



Dazzling in its profusion of color and fascinating life forms, the coral reef displays some of the richest assemblages of biodiversity on Earth and captivates underwater naturalists, divers, snorkelers, and marine aquarists alike. The 12 images in this collection, taken by the authors of the highly acclaimed book, Reef Life (above), include a variety of fishes, soft corals, and other invertebrates from Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, and Papua New Guinea.



The vertical wall calendar opens to 11" x 22" (28 cms x 56 cms) and includes seasonal changes, phases of the moon, American and Canadian holidays, with ample room for jotting daily notes, and a small preview of the months before and after. 



Calendar:  US$ 11.95 each - Free shipping viaUSPS MediaMail to US addresses.



Discounts available for purchases of 10 or more to one address. Contact us for pricing.



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